The new line of FERBERG mobile ramp models is the result of our company’s many years of experience in manufacturing ramps. FERBERG loading ramps are the most modern and reliable ramps in the premium segment.

Mobile ramp

FERBERG mobile loading ramp can withstand loads of up to 16 tons without losing its performance for many years. In addition, FERBERG mobile ramps have a number of characteristic features that distinguish them from other ramps on the market.

1. The safety railings that protect the forklift from falling are built into the ramp frame itself and have the optimal height for any loading and unloading operations.

2. The roadway is made of zinc-coated steel gratings, which makes it easy to use the loading ramp in all weather conditions.

3. The tow pole for moving the ramp is located in the center of the lower edge of the continuous entrance bridge, not on the side. This location of the tow pole improves the maneuverability of the loading dock ramp and makes it much easier for the forklift driver to move it. In addition, the tow pole can also be used as a hook grab if required.

4. The Italian hand pump with integrated metal tank reduces the amount of waste by several times!

The standard equipment of the mobile ramp also includes chains for attaching the ramp to a truck or other vehicle, and rubber wheel chocks that prevent the loading ramp from moving during loading operations.

To learn more about FERBERG mobile loading ramp, please follow this link or contact our specialists.